Criminal justice

18 de April, 2023

Letters of an imprisoned girl

Two women exchange letters; one of them is in a detention facility for teenagers. Talia is the name chosen by the seventeen year-old to sign her letters to Debora Diniz, an anthropologist who chose to live in the detention center in the Brazilian capital, following its security routine. The selected letters unveil the encounter, reveal secrets as well as mutual curiosities, and present the past of an important drug dealer in Brasília. The best approach is to read these letters as confessions without any specific destination. Talia writes for those who feel sorry for or angry with the street kids, the pickpockets, or the battered boy waiting for street justice. This is a book of letters only in terms of writing, as the genre is unique: it is made of questions from the world for a chronicler who is a survivor of the streets and is behind bars.

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