Reproductive Justice

20 de April, 2023

Unintended pregnancy in primary healthcare: the questions you always had, but could never ask (Gravidez indesejada na Atenção Primária à Saúde – APS: as dúvidas que você sempre teve, mas nunca pôde perguntar), 2021.

In partnership with the Brazilian Society of Family and Community Medicine (SBMFC), Anis launched this booklet on September 28 — Latin American and Caribbean Day for the Decriminalization of Abortion. It is the product of a collaboration between Anis researchers and the SBMFC Women’s WG, aiming to clarify frequent questions of primary care professionals about unplanned pregnancies, in addition to presenting important information and organizing strategies in a practical way. The text is useful for professionals who experience related situations, focusing on risk reduction strategies concerning unsafe abortion. This booklet is aimed mainly at health professionals working in primary health care, especially family and community physicians and nurses. However, we also hope that it can be used by professionals in fields such as law, education, and social assistance, by patients, human rights activists, and feminist groups.

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