Gender justice

20 de April, 2023

Pedagogical tools and epistemic injustice: on the heteronormative framework (Materiais didáticos escolares e injustiça epistêmica: sobre o marco heteronormativo), 2014.

Gender and sexuality topics are officially part of the curriculum in the national human rights agenda of Brazil’s Ministry of Education (MEC). The implementation of a human rights perspective in public education requires new conditions so that people who do not fit into the hegemonic gender frameworks are able to express themselves free of violence and abuse. Thus, transforming the representation of gender and sexuality is essential to promote equality. The main ethical challenge is the deconstruction of the heteronormative framework and its discriminatory approach in the pedagogical initiatives of the Ministry of Education, particularly in books and films distributed in public institutions. In this article the analysis is developed from two different studies on didactic materials distributed by the Ministry of Education, books and films, in which heteronormativity is the dominant episteme.

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