Gender justice

19 de April, 2023

What is feminism?

Are there men and women truly in and by themselves, indistinct in themselves, with the social bound by the biological? The answer is no — in two levels. Firstly, men and women are not undifferentiated masses, alienated from cultural differences, relationships, social conflicts, and the permanent struggle over interpretations and definitions. Secondly, because it might be useful to avoid endowing feminism with a singularity that excludes what is plural, that is hostile to a variety of feminisms. Readers are invited to share the theoretical construction of feminism in this 12th issue of the Cadernos de Ciências Sociais collection, with the excellent works of Patrícia Gomes, from Guinea-Bissau; Debora Diniz, from Brazil; Maria Helena Santos, from Portugal; and Rosalía Diogo, from Brazil.

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