Documentários e Vídeos

My abortion story (Eu vou contar), 2018

With the stories of nine women, the documentary series Eu Vou Contar presents different narratives about abortion. The characters, who come from different Brazilian regions, partially share the same story: at some point in their lives, they decided to interrupt an unintended pregnancy. To the director Debora Diniz, they narrate their experiences in illegal abortion clinics or with homemade abortion. They are ordinary women. Women who work and who have their families. Some were already mothers, some later chose motherhood. Others just don't want to have children. Amanda is the only one among the nine who has her story told by her mother. Cleide's daughter was 19 when she died trying to interrupt a pregnancy. The film presents data collected by the National Abortion Survey (2016), which identifies abortion as a frequent and persistent phenomenon among women: 1 in 5 Brazilians has had at least one abortion. The characters' narratives lead us to reflect on the current Brazilian legislation, which criminalizes women who insist on deciding about their bodies and their destinies.

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