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19 de novembro, 2022

Who infected her? A moral question about grieving and anger, 2021

“Who infected them?” is a commonly heard question in clinical settings during a health emergency. Public health manuals deem the question of interest to populations, since there is a need to identify the sick body that may present a risk to others. It is a question that demands a confession about oneself or others: Did the sick person comply with social distancing and masking requirements? Were they vaccinated or not? During global episodes of HIV/AIDS, Ebola, and Zika, posing this question has been a part of health policies, and research has analyzed its pertinence or relevance in managing these crises while also exploring some of its affective and moral impacts on survivors.1 What concerns us is the persistence of the question “Who infected them?” as a routine part of clinical care during a public health emergency without attendant ethical reflections on how it affects survivors.

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