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19 de dezembro, 2022

On Women’s Times in a Pandemic, 2022

Time plays in different ways in relation to pandemics. Since the early 2000s, for instance, a sense of urgency has been cultivated in anticipation of the “next pandemic”—a rather generative framework that set in place a body of knowledges, practices, resources, and infrastructures unevenly distributed around the world in preparation for a health crisis that was always just around the corner (Lakoff 2017). The omnipresence of the pandemic-to-come created a time of preparedness, of an ongoing expectation of a threat projected into the near future (Caduff 2015). When the pandemic finally became present, response schemes developed within the realms of biosecurity and of global public health triggered off the time of immediacy. Borders were closed, flights were canceled, and bodies were subjected to curfews and quarantines in order to stop the spread of the virus (Caduff 2020).

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