Justiça Reprodutiva

19 de fevereiro, 2022

Harm Reduction and Abortion, 2012

In Bangladesh, abortion is a crime and doctors are prohibited from performing them.1 But the use of various methods to regulate the menstrual cycle is not morally described as abortion – it is a technique that allows women to be certain that they are not pregnant. If her period is late, a woman knows that she will not be allowed to have a legal abortion, but there is a wealth of information available for her to regulate the menstrual cycle. An external observer might describe the techniques used by the women in Bangladesh as abortive, but that is not how the legal regulations classify them – they are understood as public health information intent on reducing the harm associated with unsafe abortion. Women who have been informed about methods to regulate their menstrual cycle have fewer unsafe abortions. Fewer women become ill or die than those who do not know how to regulate their periods

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