Criminal justice

20 de April, 2023

Women and prison in Brazil’s Federal District: prison itinerary and precariousness of life (Mulheres e prisão no Distrito Federal: itinerário carcerário e precariedade da vida), 2014.

This study analyzes the profile of women incarcerated in the only women’s prison in Brazil’s capital (PFDF). In December 2012, PFDF had a population of 641 women. This article describes the PFDF population comparing two groups: women who served time at correctional institutions as adolescents and women who did not. One in every four sentenced women has been in a correctional facility. The aim of the study is to evaluate indicators of precariousness between the two groups of women. The results show distinct demographic, criminal, and social profiles. The women with a history of adolescent incarceration are in a worse situation in various aspects of their lives.

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