Reproductive Justice

19 de April, 2023

The truth of the rape at reference abortion services in Brazil

This article analyzes how the truth of the rape is constructed in order to authorize a woman victim or rape to have a legal abortion. Eighty-two healthcare professionals from five reference facilities for legal abortion (one for each Brazilian region) were interviewed, including physicians, nurses, technicians, social workers, and psychologists. The aim of the interviews was to understand the procedures and practices imposed on a woman in order to be allowed to have legal abortion. Despite the particularities of each facility, we have identified a shared regime of suspicion of the woman’s narrative, which investigates the fact of the violence and the victim’s subjectivity. The truth of the rape for the legal abortion is not a woman’s narrative with a status of veracity, but it is a moral and discursive construction shaped by the victim’s submission to the forensic regimes of the services.

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