Disability justice

20 de April, 2023

Social model of disability: the feminist critique (Modelo social da deficiência: a crítica feminista), 2003.

This work regards feminism and its contribution to health research and practice. Disability was chosen as a topic in order to analyze the contribution of feminist epistemology to health. It considers that disability studies have the same political and theoretical basis that feminism has — against inequality and oppression against vulnerable people — and that, at the beginning, disability studies were based largely on the analytical model of gender studies, which assumes the difference between sex (natural) and gender (social). In the field of disability studies, this came to be understood as the difference between injury (natural) and disability (social). The author presents the development of the field of disability studies in the 1970s and 1980s, then talks about the impact and the contribution of feminist perspectives during the 1990s.

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