Health and social justice

20 de April, 2023

Emotion and reason about the 100,000 deaths from Covid-19 (Emoções e razões sobre os cem mil mortos pela Covid-19), 2020.

This study was elaborated considering the difficult times we currently live in, when around a thousand people die each day. Despite this humanitarian tragedy, many people, including political authorities, do not seem to be bothered by the situation or at least publicly express themselves about it. The disregard for the death and mourning of thousands of Brazilians generates discomfort in many people, like us, who understand that it should not be possible for someone to live in the public space without recognizing the legitimacy of others, individual or social, who inhabit the same space. It seems to us that the discomfort that this type of blasé behavior causes in various social groups is a fact. We imagine that it is possible to raise several hypotheses and explanations for this phenomenon and we aim to present a possibility in this paper, centered on some theories that are part of our perspectives when facing the world.

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