Disability justice

20 de April, 2023

Disability in the context of Latin American intellectual thought: An interview with Anahi Guedes de Mello, 2016.

Anahi Guedes de Mello is one of the most important emerging disability theorists in Brazil. Trained as an anthropologist, she holds a diploma and a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences, as well as a master’s degree in Social Anthropology from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC). She is currently a doctoral student in the Postgraduate Program in Social Anthropology at UFSC, a researcher affiliated with the Gender Identities and Subjectivities Nucleus (NIGS) of the UFSC Anthropology Department, and the Disability Studies Nucleus (NED) of the Psychology Department of the same university. She is also an associate researcher at Anis – Institute of Bioethics, located in Brasilia. The interview was conducted with Anahi Guedes de Mello through electronic media by María Belén Arvili, Victoria María Novelli and María Victoria Tiseyra, from the University of Buenos Aires, as part of the UBACYT 2014-2017 project coordinated by Mario Pecheny.

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