Disability justice

20 de April, 2023

Between research and activism: political engagement and the construction of feminist theory in Brazil (Entre pesquisar e militar: engajamento político e construção da teoria feminista no Brasil), 2013.

This paper aims to understand the effects of feminist academic research in the construction of policy, both global and local, in contemporary Brazil. The work arises from research developed by our team to reflect on the actions of the researcher in the production of knowledge and in the political practice, understanding that their role is to contribute with the populations studied, in seeking to offer new possibilities and tools aimed at improving the quality of life of subordinated subjects and also social justice. We reflect here — from our own perspectives as participants in social movements of people with disabilities, LGBTTT and feminist movements — about our “situated intervention” in Brazilian policy for women and LGBTTT people. The background is the ethical perspective of Anthropology that predicts the “return” of the results of our research to the groups that are studied, integrating in this sense the gift paradigm (Mauss, 2003) in anthropological practice.

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