Gender justice

Rogério Diniz Junqueira

18 de April, 2023

The invention of “gender ideology”

This book analyzes the fabrication of the “gender ideology” idea, which is central to the construction of an authoritarian, anti-feminist, discriminatory, reactionary, and anti-secularist political power. This anti-gender backlash, articulated on transnational movements in favor of conservative agendas, has public schools and teachers’ autonomy among its main targets, as well as inclusive and anti-discriminatory education.

The starting point of the so-called “defenders of traditional family values” is to naturalize gender relations and stigmatize their opponents, pointing out “gender” as the enemy, treated in itself as an ideology. 

The book includes carefully selected images, such as photos, posters, drawings, emblems, logos, book covers, documents, etc. These images, more than illustrative, also support the analyses. Moreover, they contribute to a better understanding of the elaboration and dissemination of the discourse and strategies of anti-gender movements, as well as the operations of different social actors, their transnational articulations and, finally, policies based on the guidelines of this project of reactionary political power.

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