Disability justice

17 de April, 2023

The construction of the person in the experience of disability: body, gender, sexuality, subjectivity, and mental health. In: Gender, health, and distress: anthropological approaches (A construção da pessoa na experiência da deficiência: corpo, gênero, sexualidade, subjetividade e saúde mental. In: Gênero, saúde e aflição: abordagens antropológicas), 2010.

This collection is the result of research that has been carried out since 2006, focusing on the intersections between gender, health, and distress, based on an approach of mental health and contemporary urban cultures in Brazil. The research and reflections contained here were mainly developed around three topics: the analysis of public policies, of political activism, and of social experiences regarding the subject. A fourth topic, which is complementary, is also addressed by some articles in the collection, which is the analysis of discourses and practices in the field of biomedicine.

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