Disability justice

19 de April, 2023

The cochlear implant as assistive technology: what can I hear? In: Reflections on assistive technology: International Symposium of Assistive Technology

The first international symposium of assistive technology, I SITA, was held in CTI Renato Archer, a research and development center of the Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology. The event represented an important historical milestone in the consolidation of the center’s national and global recognition in the field. The book is a result of that event, and it brings together scientific articles on the most recent advances in the area. As we know, assistive technology resources are present in the lives of people with disabilities or reduced mobility in different ways. The field thus concerns a wide range of functionalities contemplated by the available tools and their impacts on the users’ daily lives. The articles in this book demonstrate such range, insofar they include various aspects and perspectives.

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