Disability justice

18 de April, 2023

Intimate connections and unique corporalities: disability in the times of the Covid-19 pandemic. In: Social scientists and the Coronavirus

What can social scientists and other humanities scholars say when facing a pandemic? How can they contribute to the public debate? What are the consequences of social isolation for your own research? How to maintain academic learning spaces during social isolation? How to deal with communication technologies for teaching? What are the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on traditional populations and vulnerable groups in Brazilian society? How did social isolation in the domestic space exacerbate violence and inequalities of gender, race, disability, age? How was death lived by different social groups when hospital follow-ups were not possible and funeral rituals were prohibited? What are the impacts of political, economic, and healthcare public policies during the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil?

Written in a direct and brief way, the texts of this book offer some answers to these and other questions. It is a collective contribution from two hundred social scientists who aim to think about the effects of Covid-19 on healthcare and on social, political, economic, and cultural contexts in Brazil in 2020.

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