Disability justice

18 de April, 2023

Disability and social distancing: communicating with masks and touching people and things during the Covid-19 pandemic. In: Pandemic margins. Queerentines, boycetas, sapatrans, faveladas

Margens da Pandemia is a collective book that brings together different experiences and reflections, all written in the first person, about the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil. Partially academic but also far from it, each chapter provides a unique point of view on the sexual, racial, and gender borders of the first months of quarantine. Sometimes using writing as a vehicle for criticism, protest, mourning, and memory, while also for experimentation and pleasure, this gathering of lesbians, transvestites, drag queens, queers, deaf and blind people, pansexuals, HIV positives, fetishists, macumbeiros, indigenous people, polyamorous, black people, and people from the favelas (among others) aims to contribute while the physical distances in periods of isolation occur as any form of affective, political, and social distancing.

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