Disability justice

18 de April, 2023

Disability and psychology: intersectional perspectives. In: Psychology and people with disabilities

In the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil, the Regional Psychology Council (Conselho Regional de Psicologia de Santa Catarina, CRP-12) has been developing discussions and actions aimed at guiding psychologists who work with people with disabilities. Therefore, the CRP-12 develops actions aimed at promoting debates on the legal, theoretical, technical, and ethical aspects in the field. Among the most relevant actions is the organization of the 1st Seminar of Psychology and Disability Studies in Santa Catarina, which had as its central theme “The contribution of the social model of disability to promote research and psychosocial practices for human rights”. Based on the evaluation of the event’s results, the IX Plenary of the Regional Psychology Council established the interinstitutional working group called Psychology and People with Disabilities, which aims to think about demands related to the work of psychology professionals with people with disabilities, issues of accessibility in the council’s facilities, and other demands. The group decided to organize the materials resulting from the 1st Psychology and Disability Studies Seminar in Santa Catarina. This proposal originated the thematic issue Psychology and people with disabilities.

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